Services & rates

*Rates will vary dependent on scratch writing vs. editing, length of time required for completion, number of drafts required, time frame product is needed in, etc.
**ALL PRICING will be clearly outlined between parties.


Start at $15


A letter to say hello or maybe goodbye…

A letter to a lost friend or love, a long overdue apology, a letter to someone who isn't here yet, or a letter to someone who is already gone.  (to name only a few)

Letters are one of the most special (and nearly extinct!) forms of communication and I assure you we can get it right!

start at $119

Wedding Vows

VOW: noun.    Definition: a solemn promise.                                            Synonyms: oath, pledge, bond, commitment, assurance 

If you didn't know what you planned to vow to your partner, you would not be getting married. I am here to help you make sure some of the most important words you will ever say are in your voice and that nothing gets left unsaid.



start at $30/hour

Ghost Writing

If you want to sit down and just talk and have someone else write it...

If you just need someone reliable, who cares, that will write in your voice to promote you, your life, and/or your business...

**My gift is not to write exactly how you would, it’s to write it exactly how you can’t. If you know exactly how you would write it, I won’t be the best fit for you.

start at $30/hour

Interpersonal Communication for business

Do you need to send a tricky email to a co-worker or have a crucial conversation coming up with your boss?

Let's work together to find just the right words, and approach, so you feel confident, open, and comfortable being direct in your own voice.

Imagine how much easier these conversations can be if you trust yourself enough to share your truth!



start at $99


This is one of the most difficult things people have to do. In the midst of a loss, trying to find the right words can be overwhelming. If you struggle with finding the right words in the best times, the worst of times may feel impossible. 

Let's work together to say what you need to say to best honor your dearly departed.

**Services can be provided on short notice when needed due to circumstances and I’m so very sorry for your loss.

start at $40/Project

Social Media or online presence

That topic you really want your followers to understand your opinion on but you just don't write well...

That dating profile you don't feel represents you well enough to avoid all the duds...

Someone needs to hear what you have to say. Let's find the words to represent the BEST YOU!

**IMPORTANT: Services do not include layout or coding..


*Complimentary consultations are offered for any service.

**Services listed are offered but are not limited to.