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I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.
— Edgar Allan Poe

About Speak Your Kind


The Purpose and what that means for you...

Speak Your Kind exists to provide communication assistance for all instances, needs, and occasions - business or personal, written or verbal. I'm here to make sure nothing that needs saying ever goes unsaid.

Sometimes it's because you can't find the right words or you have yourself convinced they aren't worth saying (you're wrong -You are worth it!). My greatest joy is helping people communicate what they need in ways they can't do alone. I will help you write what needs to be written, say what needs to be said, and go after what you want!

Services include (but are not limited to): Letters, wedding, renewal, or commitment ceremony vows, blog posts, social media posts, ghost writing, speeches, grand gestures, apologies, make-ups, break-ups,  dating profiles, first impressions, and more!

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Finding Your Voice


  • Do you ever finish a conversation and 30 minutes, or even 4 days (or years!) later think "I should have said..."?

  • Have you ever wanted to apologize but didn't have the right words so you left someone hurting?

  • Remember the time someone poured their heart out on you and your head was screaming but nothing came out?

  • What about that bully you never confronted and need to write a letter, even if you don't mail it, to resolve it for YOU?


  • What about the proposal, or the best man (or woman)/maid (or man) of honor speech, that you have to totally kill but trying to write it is killing you first?

  • What about the passing of a loved one - do you need help preparing a eulogy? Let's use your calm moments to find the words in your heart so when the time comes, you are prepared to share you most important good bye or thank you.


  • Do you need to have a conversation with your boss but need assistance finding the best way to approach it?

  • Do you have a friend at work who you need to address something difficult with?


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About me...

Hello from Austin, TX! My name is T.J. - I love stories in all their forms, words, the color black, tattoos, coffee, sarcasm, love, vanilla ice cream, my people and the lights of my life - my 2 nieces! I started this business to put the LOVE back in language!

When I decided to start Speak Your Kind I worried that it was such a perfect idea for me that it couldn't be real.  I'd said so many times that if I could pick any job in the history of jobs - I'd write love letters for people. As I've grown older and survived more heart breaks, celebrated more victories, and loved oh-so-much more, I have realized that I don't want to just write love letters, I want to write letters of love.

Sometimes I have things in my head that I wish, so desperately, I could get onto a canvas, but I can't paint. I find this leaves me worried I'm leaving something important undone. I realize that my unpainted pictures are some people's untold stories. With our entire lives so delicately surviving in, around, and through communication, I can't imagine how frustrating, disappointing, and heart breaking it must be to have things in your head that you need to put in the world but not have the ability to do so. That's where I help you find your voice with my words!


I believe that kindness matters, that pain is real, that happiness can be fleeting, and that love - oh my goodness LOVE... is the most important thing of all! I want you to think of all types of love: self love, romantic love, familial love, animal love, nature love, music-movies-fashion-sports-careers-cars-goals-money-flowers-food-anything that matters to you kind of LOVE!

Whatever it is you need to say, that you just can't quite find the words for... I have them, and words - words are my love. Words about love, to find love, to heal love, to set love free, to self love, to spread love, to curse love, to forgive love... It all needs to be said, and whatever format you need to say them in, for whatever reason you absolutely must say them - it is my greatest gift and I look forward to helping you put your best, kindest, most driven foot forward to say what you need to say in the world!

This is my truth and I so proudly stand in it. I invite you to find yours and do the same!

Just remember how beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it and that extremes call to one another so - whatever you are... BE A GOOD ONE!  XOXO



Services & rates

*Rates will vary dependent on scratch writing vs. editing, length of time required for completion, number of drafts required, time frame product is needed in, etc.
**ALL PRICING will be clearly outlined between parties.


Start at $15


A letter to say hello or maybe goodbye…

A letter to a lost friend or love, a long overdue apology, a letter to someone who isn't here yet, or a letter to someone who is already gone.  (to name only a few)

Letters are one of the most special (and nearly extinct!) forms of communication and I assure you we can get it right!

start at $119

Wedding Vows

VOW: noun.    Definition: a solemn promise.                                            Synonyms: oath, pledge, bond, commitment, assurance 

If you didn't know what you planned to vow to your partner, you would not be getting married. I am here to help you make sure some of the most important words you will ever say are in your voice and that nothing gets left unsaid.



start at $30/hour

Ghost Writing

If you want to sit down and just talk and have someone else write it...

If you just need someone reliable, who cares, that will write in your voice to promote you, your life, and/or your business...

**My gift is not to write exactly how you would, it’s to write it exactly how you can’t. If you know exactly how you would write it, I won’t be the best fit for you.

start at $30/hour

Interpersonal Communication for business

Do you need to send a tricky email to a co-worker or have a crucial conversation coming up with your boss?

Let's work together to find just the right words, and approach, so you feel confident, open, and comfortable being direct in your own voice.

Imagine how much easier these conversations can be if you trust yourself enough to share your truth!



start at $99


This is one of the most difficult things people have to do. In the midst of a loss, trying to find the right words can be overwhelming. If you struggle with finding the right words in the best times, the worst of times may feel impossible. 

Let's work together to say what you need to say to best honor your dearly departed.

**Services can be provided on short notice when needed due to circumstances and I’m so very sorry for your loss.

start at $40/Project

Social Media or online presence

That topic you really want your followers to understand your opinion on but you just don't write well...

That dating profile you don't feel represents you well enough to avoid all the duds...

Someone needs to hear what you have to say. Let's find the words to represent the BEST YOU!

**IMPORTANT: Services do not include layout or coding..


*Complimentary consultations are offered for any service.

**Services listed are offered but are not limited to.



If you would like me to contact you:

Your information will never be sold or misused in any way. I look forward to hearing from you!

Hey - I haven't met you, it's not crazy, give me your number...
Hey - I haven't met you, it's not crazy, give me your number...
Hey pretty person won't you give me a sign I'll give anything to make you mine all mine (in whatever your preferred method is)
I think this is how love goes check yes or no (or where you actually found me!)

Contact Me


T.J. Kinnison          512.645.7730    tj@speakyourkind.com


In person consultations are not required but are available, in Austin, upon request. Thank you! XO